1. To become a Civilian Gliding Instructor (CGI) you should contact your local Air Cadet Volunteer Gliding School at one of 25 locations across the UK. Call 01400 267630 for details.

2. You do not need to be a pilot already because if you show aptitude we will teach you but if you already have flying or gliding experience it will be useful.

3. As a CGI you will train on either the Viking winch-launched glider or on a Vigilant motor glider. You will have highly experienced RAF VR(T) pilots training you and will have to meet exacting standards.

4. Your progress will depend on your ability but if you attend your Volunteer Gliding School regularly you may progress well enough to win your instructor wings within 12-18 months.

5. The Air Cadets is the largest gliding organisation in the world - we have approximately 700 civilian gliding instructors - so when you join you will be part of a very special team. Each year the ACO completes more than 18,000 hours of flying and sends over 1,800 cadets aged 16-20 solo in gliders. Flying is scheduled largely at weekends and during week-long camps at Easter and in the summer holidays.

6. A mixture of individuals with an interest in aviation become Civilian Gliding Instructors. Sometimes they have no flying experience but often they are former cadets who have already won their solo wings - others are ex-RAF, airline or private gliding club pilots who want to help the next generation of young people take to the air.

7. You have to be aged 20-55 to become a Civilian Gliding Instructor. As a volunteer you will not be paid but once qualified you can claim expenses for travel and subsistence. You will be expected to fly for 2-3 days every month. With experience you may apply for a commission in the Training Branch of the RAF Volunteer Reserve. Your role is non-combatant so you will not be sent to a war zone - your role is to train cadets to fly. You may be entitled to travel allowances as a civilian gliding instructor and if you become an officer you can also claim up to 28 days pay.