1. Adult volunteers play a vital role in all aspects of cadet life, whether organizing activities, encouraging and educating cadets or helping the squadron to run smoothly.

2. We welcome all responsible adults - male or female - from all social backgrounds, cultures and religions. You do not need to have any prior military experience.

3. As a Civilian Instructor you can give as much or as little time as you can manage and you do not need any formal qualifications.

4. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and if you wish take qualifications in mountain leadership, First Aid and NVQs that may also be useful to you in your career.

5. If you choose, you may apply to become an Adult Sergeant or an Officer in the Training Branch of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

6. As a Civilian Instructor you can get involved in squadron activities but you do not have to wear a uniform.

7. Our volunteers say they gain a huge sense of achievement from helping young people realise their potential. Why not give it a try?

8. You can claim travel allowances.