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Shooting within the Air Cadets is probably one of the safest and most monitored activities that cadets can participate in. The staff acting as instructors and Range Officers are some of the most highly trained personnel within the Cadet Forces, (ACF, SCC, CCF & ATC).

Before a cadet can use any weapon they must undergo a strict training schedule that takes a minimum of 16 hours. They are then given a very stringent safety examination before being allowed to fire a weapon under very close supervision.

Parental consent is required before any cadet is allowed to fire a weapon.

Cadets from 2391 Squadron have become exceptional marksmen and recently took part in the "Battle of Britain Smallbore Competition" where they recently qualified for the 2nd Round of this National Competition, being the only successful Squadron from within Dorset / Wilts Wing.

The first of the new Corps Marksman Qualifications awarded to cadets in the South West Region have gone to 5 cadets from 2391 Squadron. Cadet Sgt Ann-Marie Clark gained the qualification in Fullbore Target Rifle, Smallbore Target Rifle and also Smallbore Service Rifle. Cadet Sgt Matt Hicks, Cadet Cpl Joe Nelson and Cadet Matt Martineau gained the qualification in Fullbore Target Rifle. Cadet Sgt Hicks and Cadets Cpl's Joe Nelson and Viv Sherry have also qualified in Smallbore Target Rifle

Cadet Sgt Clark has recently taken part in "The Athelings" Pre Selection weekend held at Bisley where she became a member of the Junior Athelings Team. She has been invited back, in 2005, to join the Senior Athelings Team with a view to participating in the annual trip to Canada in 2006.





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