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Fullbore Shooting

Fullbore Rifle Shooting

Once cadets have become proficient with the 0.22 smallbore rifle they have the opportunity to progress to both the 5.56mm L98A1 Cadet Rifle and the 7.62mm L81A2 Target Rifle. After extensive training it is possible for the cadets to take part in competition shooting either within the Corps or against the other Cadet Forces.

Cadets qualifying to shoot at Bisley and Purbright competitions are amongst the best in the Country. There are several events for individuals and teams. The annual highlight is the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM), a 7.62mm L81A2 Target Rifle shooting competition where Air Cadets (ATC) get to compete against members of the ACF (Army Cadet Force) and SCC (Sea Cadet Corps). There are also a number of other National and International target shooting competitions held each year.

The Cadet Inter-Service Skill At Arms Meeting (CISSAM) takes place annually on the ranges at Purbright. Like the rifle meeting at Bisley it is a top level competition for teams and individuals. Matches are fired with L98A1 rifle on long ranges including some with electrically operated targets some of which are designed to fall down when they are hit.

All Air Cadets have the opportunity to take part in competitive target shooting. As well as the national events there are also numerous competitions arranged at Wing level.

Should a cadet be good enough they have the opportunity of joining the 'Athelings' a team of cadets drawn from all services that takes part in a shooting competition, against Canadian Cadets, held in Canada each year.

In July 2004 a team of five cadets from the Squadron participated in the ISCRM at Bisley. The team came away with three Cadet 100s and were 3rd in the Watts Bowl Trophy out of an entry of 112 teams. During the week prior to ISCRM the team had attended the Pre-Bisley competition held at RAF Sealand where they came 2nd in the 'Airgunners Association' competition. A very good 1st year for the team.

Sgt Ann-Marie Clark participated in the Imperial meeting held at Bisley in 2006. She was the winner of the Ben Caves Trophy for the highest placed cadet in the Parma Aggregate. She was also "listed" 23 times and won Gol, Silver and Bronze medals during the meeting.

Following the Imperial Meeting Sgt Clark travelled to Canada with the Athelings Team where she once again proved how good a shot she was, winning Gold Silver and Bronze medals, and being "listed" 13 times.

Sgt Clark was the 1st Atheling in Dorset/Wilts Wing and only the 2nd in the South West Region of the ATC.


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